UTServicesCESSACCRegulations5. Rights and obligations of students

5. Rights and obligations of students

  • What are my rights and obligations as a study migrant?

    •  You can stay in the Netherlands for the duration of your study plus three months (maximum five years including preparatory year/transition year, excluding extension).
    •  You may work a maximum of 16 hours per week next to your study. Instead of these 16 hours you can do seasonal work in June, July and August. Your employer can apply for a TWV (employment permit) for you at UWV (Employee Insurance Agency).
    •  You don’t need a TWV for an internship that is relevant to your study program, but you must have signed an internship agreement with the internship company and UT.
    •  You must have sufficient study progress. Read more about this below.
    •  You have an obligation to provide information: you need to inform the UT and
        the IND about changes in your personal data.
    •  You must provide important information about your stay and about your residence
        permit to the IND and UT.
    •  You must provide correct and complete information to the IND and UT.
    •  You must be registered with an educational institution that is recognized as a
        sponsor (if you are no longer enrolled, the UT must report this to the IND).
    •  You must pay tuition fees in time.
    •  You must have sufficient means of existence.
    •  You must have a valid passport.
    •  You must be insured against medical expenses in the Netherlands.
    •  You must be examined by the GGD (Municipal Health Services).
    •  In some cases, family or family members can also get a residence permit.
    •  If it is part of the study, you can go abroad (out of the Netherlands) for a maximum of 12 months without your main residence being changed. The residence permit won’t be withdrawn, when you obtain sufficient credits in that academic year to meet the standard.