The WAR is an advisory body charged by the Executive Board, which will give solicited and unsolicited recommendations. The WAR is composed of a chair person, three student delegates of the University Council (UR), the chair of the Committee Personal Circumstances (CPO) and a secretary. Each year the three UR delegates will be alternated.

The WAR draws up regulations for financial support for students in specific circumstances. All regulations are included in the Students’ Charter - institutional-specific part.

Apart from formulation new regulations, the WAR also evaluates the existing ones. Consequently these regulations can be altered and improved. The WAR has recently altered the FOBOS regulation, which includes the regulations for:

The WAR overlaps with the CPO and has a policy-preparing role whereas the CPO ensures the handling of the students’ individual requests for financial support.

Composition of the WAR for academic year 2018-2019

  • Anne-Marie Hoogland (chair, CES-SACC)
  • Ton Mouthaan (CPO chair)
  • Emile Dopheide (ITC)
  • Tom de Koning (SU)
  • Gijs Keizers (DAS)
  • Thomas Remmerts (UReka)
  • Vincent Witrmond (PvdUT)
  • Monique van Heijst (secretary)