When you receive a negative pre-recommendation, you will also get the opportunity to request a hearing. You’ll get the opportunity to clarify to a representative of the Programme Board why, in your opinion, the negative pre-recommendation is unwarranted. How very much you are motivated for this study will not affect the decision. But, the Programme Board will take into account your special circumstances. Sometimes it can be useful to clarify your circumstances; a hearing gives you the opportunity.

This hearing is explicitly not intended to report (for the first time) new circumstances that already should have been previously reported to the study adviser and the CPO Committee.

A hearing can be meaningful in case you want to:

  • Adequately substantiate that it was not possible to report your circumstances to CPO Committee in a timely manner. Realize that you have to submit evidence.

    Example: The deadline for submitting the application at the CPO committee was June 30. Due to serious family circumstances (first degree) you were barely present on the UT in June and you completely forgot to submit the application. Your study adviser, however, is aware of the situation. Prove is needed (e.g. a certificate of the hospitalization or death certificate).

  • Report circumstances that occurred after the deadline of the CPO Committee. You will have to substantiate that not obtaining the BSA standard is a direct consequence of these circumstances.

    Example: You had early July another repair option for a module. That time you had to cope with problems for which you finally got psychiatric treatment. As a result, you have missed the deadline. You can prove with a medical certificate that you was unable to study that week.

  • Explain that you believe that the reported circumstances had a greater impact on your study progress than first was expected.

    Example: This year you haven’t been able to fully complete your modules and reported the CPO committee of your functional impairment. Your circumstances are recognized and yet you received a negative pre-recommendation. You are of the opinion, however, that your impairment caused start-up problems which are not enough taken into account and you would like to explain them.

Please note: the examples given above are situations for which you may use a hearing to clarify your point of view. The Programme Board will consider it in their final conclusion. This, however, does not guarantee that it will lead to another (final) recommendation.

The negative pre-recommendation indicates that you need to apply for a hearing within 5 working days. Consider this deadline! On the website of your educational programme you will find more information on how to request a hearing.