Explanatory Note: application for assessment of circumstances within the context of the Binding Recommendation (BSA) 

  1. What to do
  2. Contact your study adviser: if you have experienced a study delay, or think you will get delayed in the progress of your studies on grounds of personal circumstances. You may have to draw up a study plan.
  3. Application for assessment of circumstances: it is possible that, due to the circumstances, you do not to achieve the compulsory credits and so can expect a negative binding recommendation. In that case, fill out this application form and submit it together with your personal statement and an expert’s certificate.
  4. Arrange a meeting with a student counsellor.

Your personal statement

State in your own words that you are afraid you will receive a negative binding recommendation. Then describe what has occurred this year. You do not have to describe the circumstances in detail, but you should state how the year began, the period in which the personal circumstances hindered the studies and the nature of the circumstances (for example medical, psychological or family circumstances). State the degree to which the circumstances hindered your studies. Request that your circumstances should be taken into consideration, and ask for a non-binding binding recommendation. Do not forget to sign and date your letter.

Expert's certificate

The expert must be a Dutch doctor or psychologist (with BIG registration) or the campus general practitioner. The certificate should consist:

  • Illness: the nature and the duration of the circumstances. If the (BIG registered) doctor or psychologist does not want to provide a certificate, then you should make an appointment with the student counsellor.
  • Disability/impairment: the degree to which your functioning is impaired.
  • Pregnancy/Childbirth: the due date of the birth. Or hand in a birth certificate. If the delay is more than 4 months, you must state the duration and additional circumstances of this delay (for example illness or exceptional family circumstances).
  • Exeptional family circumstances: the nature and duration of the circumstances. in case of death of a partner/family member, a death certifiacte of obituary is necessary.

When to submit the application

As soon as study delay has established contact your study adviser of a student counsellor to discuss the application.

What happens after your application is submitted

After assessment of your circumstances the CPO will send their recommendation to the Programme Board of your programme (you will receive a copy). This recommendation contains the period of the circumstances and degree to which you study progress has been hindered by them. The Programme Board will make the final decision taking into account the recommendation of the CPO.
Take notice: when your application is not complete on 30-6-2018, the CPO can not issue an recommendation.

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