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Platform Law and Regulations


The platform Law and Regulations brings together experts from across the university. This platform advises on policy with a view to UT-wide implementation, on solutions for bottlenecks, on legal feasibility and on procedures and work agreements with services and faculties working together. The platform also has an added value as expert groups for collegial consultation and for sharing good practices.


Policies of the UT on which the Platform law and Regulation advises are, for example, the Teaching and Examination Regulations, the Enrolment Regulation, the FOBOS and the Student's Charter. Other topics that this platform advises on are, for example, the legal position of students in higher education, changes in legislation, procedures of appeal, language and accessibility, the Binding recommendation rule, Internationalization and Modern Migration, data protection, studying with a disability, but also on topics such as the confidentiality of graduation theses, Non-Disclosure Agreements, students who are minors, etc.

Way of working

This platform meets 6 to 8 times a year, among others according to the annual calendar of the UC-Ow. In the run-up to the meeting, there will be a pre-discussion to determine the topics on the agenda, in addition to the annual calendar of the platform Law and Regulations. An annual calendar for the next study year is drawn up in August. Agenda and minutes are made by the registrar and sent to the members.


Members are chosen based on their expertise or part in specific, frequently occurring or annually recurring documents or regulations that this platform deals with. Chairperson: C. (Caroline) van Dijken, c.vandijken@utwente.nl / 053-4892035. Executive secretary/policy officer: vacancy


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