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Study Encouragement group - content

In addition to the weekly group meetings, the intention is to study with the other participants. In this group it is all about commitments you make with each other. Commitments on:

  • how often you will be there in the study room
  • the time you will arrive and the time you will leave
  • being on time 
  • informingothers when you are unexpectedly unable to attend
  • your study tasks 

As group members you play an important part in helping each other to keep these commitments. If you are unexpectedly absend, you are really missed by your mates. You are required to spent at least 6 hours a week studying in the study room (2x3 or 3x2 hours).

In a weekly group meeting you evaluate your commitments with the group. And then you make your study plans for the next week concrete.