Informative meeting '(un)restrained studying'

The transition from high school to university demands a lot of prospective students. When you study with a chronic illness, mental issues or disability your challenges are even greater. The introduction programme “(un)restrained studying” prepares you for a good start at our university. This programme offers starting students and parents specific information about studying with a disability or chronic illness.  

Elements of the programme


The meeting has been cancelled!
If you want to be in touch with us about your personal circumstances before the start of your programme, please see the webpage studying with personal circumstances. Or contact Student affairs Coaching & Counselling. You will be brought into contact with your study adviser.

For whom

Prospective students with a chronic illness or (psychological) disability (other than dyslexia).
For more information about dyslexia see the website: studying with dyslexia.

You can bring a companion with you if you feel comfortable doing so.