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Outreach Support Group for International Students

For international students who struggle to find their way in the Netherlands and are looking for a place to vent, meet other international students and learn from each other's experiences

There are more international students struggling to find their way in studying abroad. Before coming to study in the Netherlands you were full of ideas, probably interested in everything, and couldn't wait to start this big adventure. After a while you see that people aren't always easy to connect to, talk to (outside classes). Friends and family back home are far away, and you don't want to worry them too much with talking about your struggles.

There is an obligation to join for at least 5 weeks with a maximum of 20 weeks

Every other Friday 16:00 - 17:15 hrs from 6, 20 September, 4, 18 October, 1, 15, 29 November 13 December 2019

When the group is full you will be placed on a waiting list. The group takes a maximum of 10 students.

This course is for free

To register for this course you need to have had an appointment with one of our psychologists. Please contact the secretariat of SACC: +31 53 489 2035 or visit our desk in the Vrijhof, 3rd floor, room 311 (red desk) to schedule this appointment.