Grief Support Group

grief support group

Losing someone close to you has a big impact on your life. Where in the beginning your friends still asked you how you were doing, nobody asks anymore and normal life seems to continue.

This group is intended for students who lost someone close to them recently or in the past. Everyone deals with the loss of a good friend, father, mother, brother, sister, grandfather or grandmother in his or her own way. Talking about it with other students that have a similar experience can be helpful. It may give you relief to share feelings and experiences with them.

"Grief is universal, but the experience of grief is not. So how people experience loss is very different. It is like a fingerprint: recognizable to everyone, yet always different and unique"- Manu Keirse (2017)

The conversations that will be held will stem from what you as a student want to talk about with your peers. A student psychologist will be present at these meetings to provide support. There are certain themes associated with each meeting (such as "what is grief and what can it look like?" "Dealing with sudden death," "Dealing with other people's reactions," "Taking care of yourself/the other person") that can serve as a guide to get conversations started, but it is not necessary that all topics are covered. There is plenty of room for your own input. It is therefore expected that you are comfortable to discuss your personal loss, but that you also offer a listening ear to your fellow student. 

  • Course duration

    7 meetings of 1,5 hours. The meetings will take place on Campus.

  • When

    new dates will be announced soon

  • Time

    15.30 - 17.00 pm

  • Participation

    No maximum number of students.

  • Costs

    There is no charge for this course.

  • Requirements

    A prior interview with a student psychologist is required. Please contact the SACC secretariat: +31 53 4892035 to schedule an appointment or come to our desk in the Vrijhof, floor 3 room 311 (red desk)

  • Language

    Dutch. When international students participate, the language of the meetings will be English.