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Platform study coaching - council


Subject about (non-professional) guidance of (prospective) students in the field of choice of study, study career and study progress:

  • Learn quickly from each other (and learn an help each other) what's going on
  • To be able to efficiently and effectively respond to what is going on within departments and services
  • To be able to efficiently and effectively respond to what's going on at 'UT level'
  • To be able to efficiently and effectively respond to what's going on nationally
  • Pass information to one another
  • To be able to act more collectively as (parts of) the chain
  • To be able to put down the position of the Platform more clearly (e.g. for the benefit of the student)
  • Identify bottlenecks/developments from the field (internal, external) and advise on possible UT-wide solutions
  • Advising on UT-policy intentions with a view to UT-wide implementation
  • Achieve (advice on) joint (UT-wide) processes, procedures and working arrangements, which service departments and faculties work together
  • Verification of feasibility of procedures


Meeting once per month. Agenda and minutes are drawn up and send to the members. They will sent it to their supporters.


Thea de Kluijver,


Delegated from:

  • student counsellors: Renate van Luyk
  • student psychologists: Marjolein Engbers
  • faculty BMS (old GW): Gert Brinkman
  • faculty BMS (old MB) : Sanne Spuls
  • faculty CTW: Annet de Kiewit
  • faculty EWI: Thea de Kluijver
  • faculty ITC: Emile Dopheide
  • faculty TNW ( AT, TN and ST): Brigitte Tel
  • faculty TNW (cluster Health): Marieke Hofman


Internal (UT)

  • Platform Study Coaching
  • UCO (universitaire commissie onderwijs)
  • Student Union
  • Platform Wet- en Regelgeving
  • Platform Onderwijs coördinatoren
  • Werkgroepen (themagerichte werkgroepen zoals Osiris, CPO, MoMi, BSA, OER etc.)
  • Commissie Persoonlijke Omstandigheden (CPO)
  • Office of Educational Innovation


  • LVSA (landelijke vereniging van studieadviseurs)
  • LBS (landelijk beraad studentendecanen)
  • Landelijke Werkgroep Studentenpsychologen NIP
  • WASA (Werkgroep Aansluiting Studiekeuze en Arbeidsmarkt)
  • NUVP (Netwerk Universitaire Vertrouwens Personen)