Coaching and counselling

Our Range of services

View what we have to offer at SACC to help you to make your choice for the right counsellor or group when you have a specific question. Make an appointment by telephone via the Secretariat SACC or visit the desk.

Individual coaching and counselling

One or some conversations to help you understand your own situation or performance.

  • Career counsellor
    Career orientation support before, during and after your studies.
  • Confidential advisor
    If you have experienced unequal treatment or undesirable conduct (sexual harassment, aggressive behaviour or violence and discrimination).
  • Diversity coordinator
    Information, advice and practical support when you encounter difficulties due to disability or other issues related to diversity. 
  • PhD counsellor
    External advice and counselling if you face obstacles during your PhD project. Individual easy accessible coaching with the focus on staying on the right track.
  • Student counsellor
    Information, advice and support with questions and issues that you may encounter during your studies. Help with problem mapping so that it becomes clear in which direction you need to find the solution. The student counselor also acts as a confidential advisor for students.
  • Student psychologist
    Short-term, solution-oriented psychological help with study problems and personal problems that affect your functioning in study and student life. Support both individual and in groups.

Group training

Group-oriented training for students who experience a lot of stress or are stagnated in the study by personal circumstances.

  • Continuous Self management group
    For those students who have finished a self management course but need a longer timespan to practice the learned strategies.
  • Self management course
    For students who have made up their mind to commit more to their studies, but find it difficult handle procrastination and actually get around to studying.
  • Study Encouragement Group
    For students who do study, but miss self-discipline to act decisively and to maintain studying. The group acts as a big stick, helps you to make more study hours and study rhythm by studying together.