PhD/EngD Counsellor

Method of working Student Affairs Coaching & Counselling (SACC)

PhD/EngD counsellor 
The Twente Graduate School (TGS) offers PhD/EngD counselling through PhD/EngD counsellors of SACC.
It consists of individual and easily accessible coaching offer with the focus on staying on track. Consult the PhD/EngD counsellor if you face obstacles during your PhD / EngD trajectory and if you need independent and confidential advice. 

This service is offered independently from your faculty, TGS or HR department and is strictly confidential.
The PhD/EngD Counsellors are trained as a coach, career advisors and confidential advisors.  

Possible subjects for coaching and counselling are:

PhD/EngD counsellors do not replace existing counselling and support resources in or outside the UT, like available from the Twente Graduate School, HR, HR Development, Arbo-Unie (Company Doctor and Psychologists), Confidential Advisors, Ombuds officer or General Practitioner. We might, however, refer you to these resources if that is required and appropriate. We also co-operate with P-NUT. If necessary, we can also refer you to one of the student psychologists at SACC for some advice on psychological well-being. 

For whom
This easy accessible PhD/EngD counselling is available to all PhDs and EngD (including external PHD’s/EngD and the ones with a scholarship) at the University of Twente.

The appointments are free of charge. 

The PhD/EngD Counsellors’offices are at Student Affairs Coaching and Counselling (SACC), UT Campus, Vrijhof Building floor 3, room 311 (red desk).

For appointments, please contact the secretariat of SACC by phone: +31 53 489 2035 or by e-mail at

PhD counsellors
Mrs Marjolein Drent,
Mr Frido Oei,

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