Register for E-coaching

E-coaching is a good replacement for students who are unable to visit the student psychologist weekly.

The support takes place online. E-coaching lends itself very well to address concrete problems such as procrastination, help with the structuring of your bachelor's or master's project but also dealing with performance anxiety. This online support contributes to strengthening your self-confidence, personal effectiveness and autonomy.

Course duration

Maximum duration: 10 weeks. The start of an e-coach route is by mutual agreement. A monthly extension is possible. In an e-coach route you will work actively on your own development. The coach supports you in doing so. The e-coach route consists of questions, homework assignments and feedback from your e-coach.


You can start at any time. After filling out the registration form, you will receive an invitation by e-mail for an interview (by phone). During the interview you discuss what you want to develop. You seek together what the most appropriate approach might be. Finally, you determine when the e-coaching is going to start. 


As you write, you see in e-coaching your own development process and the progress you make, literally. That gives you energy and motivates you to keep going. Reading back also helps you to stay sharp on what you are doing.
It requires discipline from you to make time to write about your process, and to make the assignments. If you don't have the discipline to persevere, e-coaching might not be the appropriate method for your.  


Participation in e-coaching is free of charge.