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Method of working Student Affairs Coaching & Counselling (SACC)

if you have questions about studyswitch or to stop your study 

Contact the study switch & career counsellors when you deal with questions about your study. Perhaps you have doubts about your study and consider stopping or changing your programme of study. Or you have to re-orientate due to a negative binding recommendation (BSA) or must choose a master's programme. Even when you don't have a clear vision of your personal profile; if you would like to know how to brand yourself on the Dutch labour market or if you want some feedback on your cover letter and CV, you can contact the study switch & career counsellors.


If you want to register for a consult please contact Jacqueline Eenkhoorn ( tel: 053-4892036 (b.g.g. 053-4892035). After registration you will receive an invitation for an interview in which we discuss what would be the best suitable follow-up. Sometimes a more profound interview is desirable. And sometimes there is need for a more hands-on approach. For example, we can offer you a test to explore your interests and capacities. You can reflect on the results in an interview with a counsellor. Or we can offer you practical exercises that can help to gain insight in your skills, interests, traits and motivations. You will reflect on the results with a counsellor. But the test can also help you to identify the types of work and field(s) or industry/industries that would match your profile.

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