The University of Twente has student exchange agreements with over 300 partner universities in more than 50 countries, including Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Finland, France, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Portugal, Russia, Spain, South Korea, Sweden, the UK and many more. For the full list of partner universities, visit the Study Abroad Database.

Below you can find information about the universities that were featured at Let's GO! in 2020. The full list of universities in the 2021 fair will be available in October.

Please note: only certain study fields are possible at each university. Have a look at the information below to see which destinations match up with your study programme. 


  • China: Tianjin University

    Tianjin University is the first modern higher education institution in China, and now a national university under the direct administration of the Ministry of Education of China. 

    For international students who come to Tianjin for an exchange program, the School of Precision Instrument and Opto-Electronics Engineering (SPIOEE) offers vibrant scientific research projects in the fields of Electronic Engineering, Applied Physics, Analytical Chemistry and Biomedical Engineering, as well as Chinese Cultural courses and more. 

    Exchange Information

    Study fields: S&T students

  • China: Tsinghua University, Beijing

    Tsinghua University is a major research university in Beijing, and a member of the C9 League of Chinese universities. Since its establishment in 1911, the university has developed into a dynamic global university with 20 schools and 59 departments with faculties in science, engineering, humanities, law, medicine, history, philosophy, economics, management, education and art. International collaboration and engagement are fundamental to the mission of the university. The diverse faculties and students come from across the nations and make key contributions to solving global challenges.

    Information for International Students

    Study fields: S&T students only

  • Japan: Saitama University, Tokyo

    Saitama University is a Japanese national university located in Saitama Prefecture, Tokyo. The university strives to be an international academic gateway, welcoming students and researchers from around the world, not just as guests, but as valued colleagues and collaborators. 

    Exchange Information

    Study fields: S&T, EEMCS, UTC ATLAS students only

  • Japan: Tohoku University, Sendai

    A trailblazer since its founding in 1907, Tohoku University was the first national university in Japan to accept women and graduates from technical schools. Today, it continues to attract a diverse and talented student body and promote world-class research as one of Japan's top-ranked universities. Located in the cosmopolitan city of Sendai in Japan’s northeast region, the university offers both the convenience of a modern city and beautiful natural surroundings.

    Exchange Information

    Study fields: ET, BMS, EEMCS, UTC ATLAS students 

    For the Fall JYPE programme, first contact Tohoku researchers to obtain written proof of positive reply in Oct/Nov latest on a request for research in a lab at Tohoku. Please note that this does not guarantee nomination to Tohoku.   

  • Japan: Waseda University, Tokyo

    Waseda University, abbreviated as Sōdai, is a Japanese private research university located in Shinjuku, Tokyo. Founded in 1882, the university has one of the most international campuses in Japan.

    Exchange Information

    Study fields: BMS students (B-IBA, B-PSY, B-MS&T, B-CS) & UTC ATLAS students

  • Singapore: Singapore University of Technology and Design

    Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD) is Singapore's 4th public university and one of the world's first universities to incorporate the art and science of design and technology into its multi-disciplinary curriculum and research. SUTD was established in collaboration with MIT and incorporates elements of entrepreneurship, management and design thinking in its unique programmes. The university aims to advance knowledge and nurture technically grounded leaders and innovators to serve societal needs.

    Exchange Information

    Study fields: EEMCS, BMS, UCT ATLAS students only

  • South Korea: Pusan National University

    Pusan National University (PNU) is located in Busan, the second largest city in South Korea and a gateway to the Eurasian continent. Celebrating its 74st anniversary in 2020, PNU has become the top-ranked national university in South Korea in terms of research and education, and its traditions and academic excellence are highly revered.

    PNU’s 240,000 alumni work in all professional fields both in South Korea and abroad, and many are in charge of the development of the nation and the local community. Around 30,000 current students, 1,200 full-time professors, and 750 employees work tirelessly for the development of the university, always exemplifying PNU’s core values of “Truth, Freedom and Service.” 

    Exchange Information 

    Study fields: BMS students (B-IBA, B-PSY, B-MS&T)

  • South Korea: KAIST, Daejeon

    KAIST is a national research university located in Daedeok Innopolis, Daejeon, South Korea. KAIST was established by the Korean government in 1971 as the nation's first public, research-oriented science and engineering institution. KAIST has been the gateway to advanced science and technology, innovation and entrepreneurship, and their graduates have been key players behind Korea’s innovations. 

    Exchange Information

    ET, S&T, EEMCS students only; GPA requirements: equivalent to 3.0 GPA on 4.3 scale

  • Turkey: Bahçeşehir University, Istanbul

    Bahçeşehir University (BAU) is a private educational institution in Turkey, located in Istanbul. It is considered one of the best privately owned universities in Turkey and is found on the list of top 20 Universities in Turkey.  

    Exchange Information

    Study fields: BMS students (B-CS, B-IBA, B-MS&T, B-PSY, M-BA, M-COM, M-EST, M-ES, M-PSY, M-PA); S&T students (B-GZW, M-HS)

  • Turkey: Sabancı University, Istanbul

    Sabancı University is located in Turkey, on the Asian side of Istanbul. The university has more than 5000 students, 12,000 alumni and at least 700 international students from 70 different countries. The language of instruction is entirely English. Exchange students have priority in course selections and dormitory placements. There is an Incubation Center to support student projects and the university has strong relationships with industry.

    Exchange Information

    Study fields: BMS students (B-IEM, B-IBA, B-MS&T, M-ES, M-IEM, M-PA)


  • Australia: RMIT, Melbourne

    RMIT is a global university of technology, design and enterprise. The university enjoys an international reputation for excellence in education, research, and engagement with industry and community. 

    Exchange Information

    All faculties: BMS, ATLAS, S&T, ET, EEMCS

    Part of Erasmus+ KA107 Project 2019-2022


  • Czech Republic: Tomas Bata University in Zlín

    Tomas Bata University in Zlín, is a Czech public university in the Moravian city of Zlín. 

    The Faculty of Technology educates students in chemistry, chemical technology, process engineering, materials and food engineering. By constantly innovating its degree programmes and extending learning opportunities, the faculty meets the needs of the contemporary and future labour market. There is strong cooperation between the faculty and local & international industry partners.

    Students on all levels of study, as well as members of academic staff, can use first-class facilities and equipment. The faculty has earned an international reputation for its outstanding research achievements, specifically in the field of processing of natural and synthetic polymers.

    Exchange Information

    Study field: ET students (M-ME)

  • Denmark: Aalborg University

    Aalborg University programmes cover these main areas: Humanities, Social Science, Engineering and Science, IT and Design, and Medicine. All degree programmes and research activities at Aalborg University are problem and project-based and have an interdisciplinary focus. Through strong interplay between staff and students, and intense collaboration with public and private sectors, Aalborg University offers degree programmes with a real-world approach and world-class research. This results in new insights, new solutions to societal challenges and knowledge that changes the world.

    Exchange Information 

    Study fields: BMS students (B-IBA, B-MS&T, M-BA, M-ES, M-PSTS, M-PA); EEMCS students (M-BIT, M-CS, M-EE); ET students (M-CEM, M-CME, M-ME); ITC students (M-spatial engineering)

  • Denmark: University of Southern Denmark, Odense

    Experience study abroad in a professionel, flexible, easy and fun way at University of Southern Denmark.

    You are a student of Engineering, Technology, Robotics or IT and want to have a smooth stay at a high academic level. University of Southern Denmark offers some of the most flexible exchange stays available, with a nearly free choice of 250 English-taught technical or management courses. Or maybe you are a Master student and want to join a research programme with some of the best researchers available.

    Exchange Information

    Study fields: EEMCS students (B-BIT, B-CREATE, B-TCS, M-BIT, M-CS, M-IT); ET students (B-CE, B-IDE, B-ME, M-CEM, M-CME, M-IDE, M-ME, M-SET); S&T students (B-GZW, M-HS)

  • Finland: LUT University, Lappeenranta

    LUT University (Lappeenranta-Lahti University of Technology LUT) is a pioneering science university in Finland, bringing together the fields of science and business since 1969. Their international community is composed of approximately 6,500 students and experts engaged in scientific research and academic education.

    Whether for a semester or a year, the exchange students coming to LUT have a proud history of enjoying themselves. In addition to educational pursuits, there are plenty of other things going on too. The international student's community is strong and there are cultural theme nights, parties and all sorts of get-togethers to make sure that everybody has a good time.

    LUT offers a wide variety of courses taught in English in the fields of business and technology. Most of the courses are intended for Master's level, but there are also choices available for those in their Bachelor studies.

    Exchange Information

    Study fields: BMS students (B-IBA, M-BA, M-IEM); S&T students (M-CHE)

  • Finland: Tampere University

    Tampere University is one of the most multidisciplinary universities in Finland. Almost all internationally recognised fields of study are represented at our university. 

    Tampere University was created in January 2019 by the merger of the University of Tampere and Tampere University of Technology, which joined forces to create a new foundation-based university. At the new university, technology and social sciences have come together in a unique way. Our research groups and projects conduct multidisciplinary research across institutional boundaries.

    Exchange Information

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    Study fields: BMS students (B-IBA)

  • Finland: University of Vaasa

    The University of Vaasa is focused on responsible business. The core competence of the university consists of high-level expertise in business, technology, management, and communications.

    The university is located at the heart of Northern Europe’s largest energy and environment business cluster. Renewal of the energy sector as a means to combat climate change is the core of their mission.

    Exchange Information

    Study fields: EEMCS students (B-EE, B-TCS, M-CS, M-EE); BMS students (B-IBA, B-MS&T, M-ES, M-PA)

  • France: INSA Lyon

    INSA Lyon is one of France’s leading engineering schools, with nine speciality departments: Biosciences, Civil Eng. and Urban Planning, Electrical Eng., Energy and Environment Eng., Industrial Eng., Mechanical Eng., Information Technology, Material Sciences and Telecommunication.

    Exchange Information


    Study fields: ET students (B-CE, B-ME, M-CEM, M-ME); EEMCS students (B-TCS, M-CS)

  • France: École des Mines de Saint-Étienne

    École des Mines de Saint-Étienne is one of the most selective technological universities in France, with its graduate engineering programmes regularly ranked among the top 15 of French engineering courses. The university offers a broad range of engineering disciplines and research programmes. Its engineering education combines broad theoretical knowledge with hands-on projects, and development of management and communication skills. Small-group teaching and close educational supervision are essential features of all the science and engineering programmes.

    UT students can study in the cities of Saint Etienne or Gardanne. 

    Exchange Information

    Study fields:

    • S&T students (B-AT, B-BMT, B-CSE, B-TN, M-AP, M-BME, M-CHE, M-NT, M-EMS, M-NT, M-EMS)
    • ET students (B-CE, B-IDE, B-ME, M-CEM, M-CME, M-IDE, M-ME, M-SET)
    • EEMCS students (B-TCS, M-CS)
    • BMS students (MEEM)
  • France: Université de Technologie de Troyes

    Situated in the heart of the Champagne region, about 2 hours from Paris, Université de Technologie de Troyes is a French research engineering school offering programmes in computer, mechanical, industrial, and material science engineering. Besides studies, exchange students can also undertake semester-long research or industrial internships.

    Exchange Information

    Study fields: EEMCS students (B-BIT, B-EE, B-TCS, M-BIT, M-CS, M-EE); S&T students (M-ChE); ET students (B-CE, B-ME, M-CEM, M-CME, M-IDE, M-ME); BMS students (MEEM)

  • France: University of Pau and the Adour Region

    University of Pau and the Adour Region (L'Université de Pau et des Pays de l'Adour) is a French multi-site, public university. Founded in 1972, it is based in Pau but also in Anglet, Bayonne, Tarbes and Mont-de-Marsan in the Adour river basin. It is the third largest university in southwestern France, with some 12,000 students.

    Exchange Information

    Current study fields: S&T students (M-AP)

    Future study fields may include: S&T students (B-CSE, M-ChE), ET students (M-SET)

  • Germany: Chemnitz University of Technology

    Chemnitz University of Technology is a diverse university that is a part of a strong regional, national and international network. It is home to roughly 11,000 students from around 100 countries. Due to its high proportion of international students, Chemnitz University of Technology is the most international university in Saxony and occupies a leading position nationwide among state universities. Our university has defined its three core competencies in research and teaching as follows: Materials and Smart Systems, Resource-efficient Production and Lightweight Structures, and Humans and Technology.

    Exchange Information

    Study fields: BMS students (B-PSY, M-PSY)

  • Germany: Technical University of Munich

    At Technical University of Munich (TUM) School of Management, we carry out teaching and research at the intersection of management and technology. Located in the heart of Munich, in one of Germany’s most prosperous regions, we enjoy an academic, cultural and economic infrastructure that attracts talents from all over the world.

    Exchange Information

    Study fields:

    • EEMCS students (B-BIT, M-BIT, B-CREATE, B-EE, M-CS, M-EE)
    • ET students (B-CE, B-ME, M-CEM, M-CME, M-ME)
    • BMS students (B-CS, B-IEM, B-MS&T, M-EST, M-IEM, M-PSTS)
    • S&T students (M-EMSYS)
    • ITC students (ATLAS)
  • Germany: University of Augsburg

    Located in the heart of Augsburg, Bavaria, the University of Augsburg was founded in 1970 and is organised in eight faculties. It is a relatively young campus university with approximately 19,000 students and an academic staff of 1200. About 14% of its students come from foreign countries, a larger percentage than at comparable German universities. The university is considered modern, innovative and internationally recognized, and offers a wide range of academic programmes in arts, humanities, natural sciences, business and law.

    Exchange Information

    Study fields: BMS students (B-IBA, M-BA)

  • Italy: University of Trento

    The University of Trento offers various doctoral programmes, Master’s degrees and degree courses in English. It is a medium-sized university, in which it is easy for students and teachers to meet one another and there is a continuous exchange of ideas among students from different disciplines.

    The University of Trento offers a lot: libraries, study areas (open until midnight), laboratories, computer classrooms, a language centre and three sports centres. Studying in Trento does not just mean studying. Thanks to “Opera Universitaria” and to UNITrento Sport, Trento offers much more: scholarships, tax waiver, subsidized accommodation in the halls of residence and in apartments, bicycle loans, concerts, cinemas, themed events, fitness courses, sports centres, and the annual university-wide “facoltiadi”competitions.

    Exchange Information

    Study fields: S&T students (M-BME); EEMCS students (B-TCS, M-CS, M-IT)

  • Lithuania: Kaunas University of Technology

    Kaunas University of Technology (KTU) is a leading Lithuanian university providing a wide range of studies and closely cooperating with business. The university offers studies in engineering, technologies, physical and social sciences, humanities and arts. The research groups working at KTU contribute to the global scientific knowledge by conducting cutting edge interdisciplinary research on the most important questions of the current time.

    Exchange Information

    Study fields: S&T students (B-AT, M-AP, M-ChE, M-NT); EEMCS students (B-TCS, M-CS), BMS students (B-CS), ET students (B-IDE, B-TN)

  • Norway: University of Stavanger

    The University of Stavanger (UiS) is situated in the most attractive region in Norway. Stavanger is the oil and energy capital of Norway with a exciting culture, and leisure activities on offer. The interplay between the university, the society and business is rich and diverse. UiS has an innovative and international profile, and is a driving force in knowledge development and in the process of societal change.

    Study fields: 

    • EEMCS students (B-AM, B-BIT, B-CREATE, B-EE, B-TCS, M-AM, M-BIT, M-CS, M-EE) 
    • S&T students (B-BMT, B-CSE, B-TN, B-ME, M-AP, M-BME, M-ChE) 
    • BMS students (B-CS, B-IBA, B-MS&T, B-PSY, M-BA, M-COM, M-ES, M-PSTS, M-PSY, M-PA)
    • ET students (B-CE, B-IDE, M-CEM, M-CME, M-IDE, M-ME)
  • Poland: Wrocław University of Science and Technology

    The Faculty of Chemistry at Wroclaw University of Science and Technology is among the best chemical faculties in Poland. It is a place of education for professionals in five fields (chemistry and industrial analytics, biotechnology, chemical and process engineering, chemical technology and materials engineering) that enable graduates to find themselves in the global economy and labour market. This is possible thanks to the extensive research and development activities carried out by experienced faculty employees.

    Exchange Information

    Study fields: S&T students (B-BMT, B-CSE, M-BME, M-ChE)

  • Romania: Babeș-Bolyai University, Cluj-Napoca

    Founded in 1581, Babeș-Bolyai University (UBB) is the oldest university in Romania, having a long history of education, research, and serving the local community. Currently, UBB is the largest university in the country, bringing together more than 44.000 undergraduate, graduate and doctoral students enrolled in 541 programmes, covering more than 120 fields of study. The university is evaluated and ranked among the top 3 universities in Romania for the quality of its programmes.

    Exchange Information

    Study fields: BMS students (ES, PA)

  • Russia: HSE University, Moscow

    HSE University's Faculty of Computer Science is one of the foremost centres of computer science education and research in Russia.

    Exchange Information

    Study fields: EEMCS students (all fields: mainly AM, EE & CS)

  • Russia: ITMO University, Saint Petersburg

    St Petersburg National Research University of Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics (ITMO) is the top university in computer science in Russia and 74th in the world, and a trailblazer in all things IT, quantum science and photonics. But ITMO doesn’t stop there; it merges its expertise in technology with social science to explore interdisciplinary fields such as science art and digital humanities.

    ITMO is located in Saint Petersburg, the Northern Capital and the cultural center of Russia which is also one of Russia's largest industrial, educational and scientific centers.

    More Information

    EEMCS students only (all study fields); Part of Erasmus+ KA107 Project 2019-2022

  • Russia: Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology

    The Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT) is one of the leading Russian universities in the areas of physics and technology. The university holds a reputable position in the country and abroad for qualified graduate training. Students and graduates of MIPT are representatives of an elite circle who, thanks to their interdisciplinary scientific surroundings, are able to fully realize their potential. MIPT’s mission is to train leaders in science and technology who are capable of solving key scientific and technical problems, and who will determine the success of the country and humanity in the 21st century. 

    Exchange Information

    Study fields: EEMCS students (B-AT, M-AP, B-TN, M-NT); S&T students (M-AP.)

    Part of Erasmus+ KA107 Project 2019-2022

  • Russia: Southern Federal University, Rostov-on-Don

    With origins dating back to 1915, Southern Federal University (SFedU) is the largest scientific and educational centre in the south of Russia. They are widely recognised as one of the best universities in Russia for academic excellence, interdisciplinary research and social commitment.

    Today, nearly 24,000 students, including 2,500 international students, are enrolled on two university campuses located in Rostov-on-Don and in Taganrog. Engineering courses are delivered at Taganrog campus, while Rostov campus offers a wide range of courses in Sciences and Humanities. SFedU offers 86 Bachelor’s degree programs, 126 Master’s degree programs, and 26 doctoral programs. The quality of academic programs is confirmed by German accreditation bodies: ACQUIN and AQAS.

    Study fields: EEMCS students (B-AM, M-AM, B-CS, M-CS); S&T students (all fields); BMS students (all fields); ET students (all fields); UCT - ATLAS students. 

    Part of Erasmus+ KA107 Project 2019-2022

  • Russia: TUSUR University, Tomsk

    TUSUR is one of the leading engineering universities in Russia, located in the intellectual heart of Russia and Siberia: the city of Tomsk. TUSUR is a young university, ambitiously striving for leadership and global presence in education and research. Around 13,000 students study at their 13 faculties. The relatively small size allows the university to be mobile and quickly adjust to changes, becoming stronger and more efficient.

    TUSUR was one of the first Russian universities to transform the educational process, introducing project-based learning and enhancing research and innovative components of academic work. The ECTS Center at TUSUR coordinates student exchange and ensures adequate transfer of credits obtained abroad.

    More Information

    Study fields: BMS students only (B-IEM, M-EST, M-PSTS, M-PA, M-EEM)

  • Serbia: University of Belgrade

    The mission of the University of Belgrade is to provide superior education and exceptional knowledge to its students, not only in terms of their intellectual growth and development, but also in terms of the growth and development of their human qualities and ethical values.

    Devoted to studying, education, progress and prosperity, the University of Belgrade strives to set the strongest standards in higher education, to cherish and encourage intellectual and personal growth and to stimulate meaningful work and effort which serves the wellbeing of the entire society.

    Exchange Information

    Study fields: ET students (M-IDE, M-ME); students may go on exchange for one quarter only.

  • Slovakia: Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava

    The Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava (STU) is a modern research and higher education institution. The university continues a legacy of the 250-year-old Mining Academy in Banská Štiavnica, where the foundations of vocational and practical learning were established.

    STU offers education in technical fields and involves students in research in the fields of natural sciences, computer sciences, construction, architecture, materials technologies, chemistry and food technologies. At an international level, STU has closed hundreds of collaboration agreements with foreign universities, faculties and research institutes.

    Exchange Information

    Study field: S&T students (B-CSE, M-ChE)

  • Spain: Universidad Pontificia Comillas, Madrid

    The Universidad Pontificia Comillas, Madrid, Spain (Comillas Pontifical University) is a private Catholic university which is known for its open and inclusive attitude, and quality and excellence in education. They have exchanges with the University of Twente available in Engineering and different fields of Humanities, as well as Summer Programs in Spanish Culture and Language, and courses taught in English and in Spanish.

    School of Engineering: 

    Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences:

    Study fields: ET students (B-CE, M-CEM, B-ME, M-ME); EEMCS students (B-EE, B-CREATE, B-TCS, M-CS, M-EE); BMS students (B-IBA, B-PSY, M-BA, M-PSY)

  • UK: University of Lancaster

    Lancaster University is a collegiate public research university in Lancaster, England. The university is ranked among the top 10 in the UK. Lancaster is also home to almost 3000 international students. It's a beautiful city with access to city, coast and countryside; the very best of British.

    Lancaster University boasts a community atmosphere with a collection of colleges that offer close-knit support and a proud identity. The university sets high standards, and they challenge, pushing people to new heights. But they also support, guiding people through their studies, research and careers.

    Exchange Information

    Study fields: BMS students (B-PSY, B-CS, M-PSY), ET students (B-CE, B-IDE, B-ME), S&T students (B-AT, B-BMT, B-CSE, B-GZW, B-TG, B-TN), EEMCS students (B-AM, B-BIT, B-Create, B-EE, B-TCS) 

  • UK: University of Strathclyde, Glasgow

    The University of Strathclyde is a public research university located in Glasgow, Scotland. Founded in 1796 as the Andersonian Institute, it is Glasgow's second-oldest university, having received its royal charter in 1964 as the first technological university in the United Kingdom.

    Exchange Information

    Study field: S&T students (B-CSE, M-ChE), BMS students (B-IBA, B-PSY)


  • Kenya: Dedan Kimathi University of Technology, Nyeri

    Dedan Kimathi University of Technology (DeKUT) is a Chartered Public University in Kenya that focuses exclusively on technology. DeKUT offers a wide range of programmes both at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels in various schools and institutes. DeKUT endeavours to provide an academically stimulating, culturally diverse and quality learning environment that fosters research, innovation and technology development.  

    Exchange Information

    Study field: ET students (B-ME, M-ME)

    Part of Erasmus+ KA107 Project 2019-2022


  • Brazil: Universidade de São Paulo

    Universidade de São Paulo (USP) is a public university in the Brazilian state of São Paulo. It is the largest Brazilian public university and the country's most prestigious educational institution and holds a high reputation among world universities. USP is involved in teaching, research and university extension in all areas of knowledge, offering a broad range of courses.

    Exchange Information

    Study fields: BMS, EEMCS, ET and S&T students

  • Canada: École de Technologie Supérieure, Montreal

    École de Technologie Supérieure (ÉTS) is a public engineering university in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Every year, many international students make the choice to study engineering at ÉTS as an exchange student. They come from around the world to take advantage of an exciting university education that’s focused on real-world learning. Enchanted by the unique charms of Montréal, the student city reminiscent of Europe, they leave with a head full of memories, ready to share their North American experience!

    Exchange Information

    Fact Sheet

    Study fields: ET, EEMCS & UCT ATLAS students only

  • Mexico: Tecnológico de Monterrey

    Founded in 1943, Tecnológico de Monterrey (TEC) is a private university located in Mexico, with 26 campuses across the country and a population of more than 9,000 professors and over 90,000 students enrolled in high school, undergraduate & graduate programs.

    Ranked among the top 200 universities in the world and with a rating of five QS stars, Tecnológico de Monterrey achieved full marks in the categories of internationalization, innovation, employability, facilities, and specialist criteria.

    Tecnológico de Monterrey strives to develop students’ professional and human potential through a high academic level, state-of-the-art resources and experiences that will help them nourish and transform the world they live in, with an international and broad perspective.

    UT students can study at Tecnológico de Monterrey in the cities of Monterrey, Guadalajara or Queretaro.  

    Exchange Information

    Study fields: ET, EEMCS, BMS, ATLAS, S&T students

  • USA: New Jersey Institute of Technology, Newark, NJ

    New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT) is New Jersey's science and technology university. Located outside of New York City, they offer exchange students challenging classes in Engineering, Computer Science, Architecture, Business, Communications, Science, Math, Theater and History as well as all of the cultural experiences you would hope for in this part of the US. We have amazingly talented students and professors from all over the world and we hope you'll join us for your exchange semester.

    Exchange Information

    Study fields: S&T students (AT, ChE); EEMCS students (B-TCS, B-Create); ITC students (ATLAS)