University of Twente and its wider community

The UT Language Centre services are open to everyone at the University of Twente, including the ITC: lecturers, support staff, researchers and students. Also, under certain conditions the partners of international staff can take part in our courses. Other parties in the area, such as international companies, may have language learning needs comparable to those at the UT. They are invited to contact the UT Language Centre, to discuss possible ways of cooperation.

Identify and support

Because the UT Language Centre takes the individual language learner as a starting point, identification of personal language learning needs is a crucial part of our services. Individuals can come to us for an assessment or a placement test, but we can also organize language assessments for large groups of people. For Dutch national language exams we liaise with official language testing centers.

Our support to language learners consists not only of our own language courses, but also of individual advice on how best to improve one's proficiency, for instance through self-study or courses offered by external parties.

Flexible and professional

The language trainers working at or for the UT Language Centre are all qualified professionals. They are experienced in working at institutes for higher education and in developing and teaching courses for specific purposes.

Such expertise means the UT Language Centre can be very flexible in its services. In addition to offering courses with an open registration, we can cater for specific needs by creating tailor-made courses.