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EMI English (BSN Language Centre in The Hague)

The British School Netherlands Language Centre offers this special (blended) training for lecturers in higher education.

This English language course is for academic staff whose first language is not English. It helps improve teaching quality, supports internationalization, improves English language proficiency and explores different methodological approaches to instruction in a foreign language. 

By the end of this course, lecturers will: 

  • be able to use English more effectively
  • know a variety of language options to use in different teaching situations, from lectures to tutorials
  • have improved their skills in delivering instruction in English to students from a range of cultural backgrounds 

Participants will use content from a range of academic disciplines to learn the language they need to teach with confidence. The course consists of eight (online) modules:

  1. Language for lectures
  2. Language for seminars
  3. Language for small groups and practical sessions
  4. Language for tutorials and supervision
  5. Language for communicating online
  6. Language for evaluation and feedback
  7. Language for developing and extending professional roles
  8. Language for fulfilling professional responsibilities 

Download more information (PDF) or contact the BSN Language Centre in The Hague.