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Dutch A1 - Dutch is fun!


In this short course, students will acquire a practical introduction in the Dutch language, A1-.This course will NOT prepare you for Getting started with Dutch 2 (A2).


Dutch is fun! This course focuses on simple Dutch words and phrases, everyday language, that you can immediately put into practice as:

  • greetings
  • common signs
  • useful phrases for shopping, travel, ordering, etcetera.

You will also learn something about the Dutch culture.


Attendance at every lesson is essential. The course consists of five lessons of two hours each, with one session per week. Homework is expected to take approximately one hour per lesson.

Course overview

  • Course code


  • Programme is for

    For Bachelor and Master students who would like to learn some practical Dutch.

  • ECTS

    The study load for this course is roughly equivalent to 0.5 ECTS.

  • Date

    Check the available course dates on the page below  

  • Time

    Check the available time slots on the page below  

  • Location

    Vrijhof Building

  • Course fee

    UT bachelor and master’s students: €25 (NON-REFUNDABLE administration fee) , payable at registration. Course materials are included.

  • Maximum participants

    Minimum 10 and maximum 15 participants

  • Trainers

    Qualified teacher of Dutch as a foreign Language

  • Course materials

    Provided by the UT Language Centre.
    Pocketwoordenboek Nederlands als Tweede Taal (NT2), herziene editie 2017, Van Dale Uitgevers, ISBN 9789460773624

  • Requirements

    Open entry.

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Dutch A1 - Dutch is fun!
September 2020
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