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TGS: Pilot - Presentation Skills course - NMC

TGS: Pilot Presentation skills - NMC

TGS: Pilot Presentation Skills (from the point of view of the mandatory PhD courses, this pilot is equivalent to following the “Presentation Skills Bootcamp")

This interactive course will be offered in an Online and On-Campus combination.

The course starts with an On-Campus introductory session, followed by an online Nature Masterclass NMC (a total of 10 hours of learning divided into 15 minute lessons) that you follow in your own time. You can stop and go at any time during this NMC course, allowing for a flexible learning schedule. Once you have completed the online course, you will receive a certificate from Nature which will allow you to participate in the program of the final interactive On Campus day. 


After this intensive workshop you will:



Expect a very supportive environment where you will work together in small groups with your peers and a trainer to develop your presentation skills. You will focus on a task such as:

What NOT to expect:



Programme is for PhD-candidates from the UT


Participants are required to attend both On Campus sessions and to individually take the following online interactive Nature Masterclass: ‘Advancing Your Scientific Presentations’. After this NMC course, there is an additional homework assignment.
Total time investment: approximately 42 hours (1,5 ECTS). 


TGS: Pilot Scientific Presentations

PhD-candidates from UT

Total time investment of 1,5 ECTS.

Check the available course dates on the page below.

Participants are required to attend both On-Campus sessions and the Online NMC ‘Advancing Your Scientific Presentations’. A total of 42 hours of learning.

On-Campus The Gallery and Canvas Online 

This training will be paid from central funds.


Qualified teachers of the UT Language Centre.

Will be provided before and during the training.

English language proficiency at level CEF B2 or higher (Common European Framework) is required.



Carla Gerritsen and Aline Valster



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TGS: Pilot - Presentation Skills course - NMC
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