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Testing and assessment

Testing and assessment at the University of Twente fits within the UT vision and the pillars of the Twente Educational Model. Offering a variety of (innovative) assessment methods, for example formative feedback, peer review, integrated tests and project assessments can motivate students for deep learning.

Designing a good assessment plan can be a challenge, we can help you setting up and implement your assessment plan and improving the quality of your tests. We can show you what kind of assessment is suitable in project-led education and how you can implement formative assessment.


We provide several courses on testing and assessment. Please take a look at our course-schedule.


You will find more information and handy tools in the testing and assessment toolbox (in Dutch)


  • For direct support in testing and assessment within the faculty, contact your educational faculty advisor. Find your advisor here.
  • For questions and expertise building contact our expertise coordinator Helma Vlas: