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The Quality Enhancement Support Team (QUEST)

The Quality Enhancement Support Team (QUEST) provides questionnaire survey services. It is a part of CELT. QUEST was formerly known as ‘Vragenlijstservice’. From 2015-2016, it coordinates the standard evaluations of the TOM modules, using the Student Experience Questionnaire (SEQ) and offers help and advice when tailor made evaluations are necessary. QUEST can help you with developing of the questionnaires, conducting the survey (online or paper based) and will offer you standardised reports.

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Use these manuals and screencasts to learn how to work with EvaSys.
You will find tools about evaluation in the quality and accreditation toolbox 


  • For direct support in quality and accreditation within the faculty, contact your educational faculty advisor. Find your advisor here.
  • If you still have questions about the use of EvaSys, please contact quest-ces@utwente. We will respond within 5 work days. In case of urgent matter, contact Renilde van Seters