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The quality of university education is a highly important theme. It is also complex and rather elusive.  The CELT expertise team covers this in four focus areas: Quality; Quality and TOM; Evaluation; Accreditation.

The expertise team supports educational staff in developing quality assurance policy, conducting evaluation research, setting up improvement plans, develop questionnaire or conduct panel evaluations. We can also offer support in accreditation processes, for example participate in, coach or organize in a pre-visitation.


We provide a short course for lecturers, and a course for student assistants who are involved in student panel evaluation meetings. Please take a look at our course overview.


You will find more information and handy tools in quality and accreditation toolbox 


  • For direct support in quality and accreditation within the faculty, contact your educational faculty advisor. Find your advisor here.
  • For questions and expertise building contact our expertise coordinator Hans van den Berg: