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Educational Design and Student-Driven Learning

Project-led education is a strong feature of the Twente Educational Model. In the project students apply and even develop new knowledge and skills. Within one project students can take on several roles, this is also the perfect opportunity to further develop the Twente profile. The extent to which a project is structured depends on the particular programme, the location of the respective module in this programme and the learning objectives of the module. A project can be structured by the teacher or more open and student-driven.  

Project-led education requires different learning activities and instruction than traditional education, proper tutoring for example, is very important. Ask us anything about activating learning activities, how to implement project-led education in your module or programme, how to integrate the module parts or how make a project more 'open' and student driven. We can also provide you with interesting literature, experiences and good practices about project-led education or student-centered learning.


We provide several courses on educational design and supervising students. Please take a look at our course-schedule.


You will find more information and handy tools in the toolbox for educational design and student-driven learning.