The Centre of Expertise in Learning and Teaching (CELT) is there to work with you on (the improvement of) your education.

Our expertise

You may already have been working with us. Perhaps on getting your UTQ, or in creating educational video’s or getting tips on how to make your lessons more activating for students. But are you aware of the whole range of our expertise?  We have expertise in the following areas:

1. Testing and assessment
How to create an exam? How to analyze test results? How to use feedback in an effective way?

2. Educational Design and Student Driven Learning
How to integrate module parts? How to make your education more student-centered?

3. Educational Staff Development
UTQ, training and workshops

4. Technology Enhanced Learning & Teaching (TELT)
How to use ICT in your education? How to blend your teaching? How to flip your classroom?

5. Evaluation, Quality and Accreditation
How to optimize education? How to secure education quality?

6. Internationalisation
How do you make your education more international? How to deal with teaching in the international classroom?

7. The Quality Enhancement Support Team (QUEST)
QUEST (formerly ‘Vragenlijstservice’) coordinates the standard evaluations of the modules, using the Student Experience Questionnaire (SEQ) 

8. Educational innovation and implementation
How to further develop Twente Educational Model (TEM) in the educational programmes?

In all these areas multiple colleagues are available to work with you on your challenges, big or small.

How will we work with you? 

We aim to support you in every challenge or question you might have regarding your educational activities. We can work with you in roles like project leader, consultant or coach in every phase of your education. We can also provide custom support to teachers, moduleteams and programme management.

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