Two-day UTQ session at ITC

On 26 September and 3 October a workshop was organized by the Educational Service for teachers from the Faculty ITC who need to obtain the UTQ certificate via the experienced procedure. 17 participants lively discussed the UTQ requirements and their view on teaching extensively and left the workshop with a clear view on what is expected of them and plans for filling their portfolio. If you feel that this approach would be good for your faculty as well, please contact the Educational Service representative in your faculty.

The ITC Directorate decided for this workshop approach because they want the ITC experienced teachers to start up the UTQ process as quickly and efficiently as possible.

The workshop supports the staff in collecting and organizing the evidence for the UTQ competences. Because of their teaching experience it is expected that they do not need to collect new evidence, just organize what they already have.

During the workshop, the competences are presented and discussed one by one. After the presentation, the participants discuss in groups how they can fill their portfolio for the competence. The workshop ends early in the afternoon with the purpose that the participants go back to their workplace and actually start with uploading documents to their digital portfolio in Blackboard.

Some reactions from the participants:

“The workshop provides a good insight into what is precisely required for your educational portfolio.”

“The workshop gave a quick introduction about the UTQ and clear overview of what materials need to be prepared. I enjoyed talking and exchanging teaching experiences with other colleagues, normally we don’t really have (or make) time for that.

A critical note, in the workshop announcement we were told that at the end of the workshop we would have a major part of our portfolio ready. In practice that is not the case. We know what to put in there but it will still take a lot of time to compile everything.”

“I appreciate the opportunity during the UTQ workshop to share between colleagues our visions on education. This was very useful to reflect on my own position towards teaching and learning.”

“There are not so many opportunities to reflect collectively on how we teach; it will be beneficial for the quality of our education if more spaces are created to facilitate that.”