Dear teacher,

The UTQ portfolio is assessed by means of assessment criteria.
The assessors of the Educational Services have experienced that some parts of competencies only can be demonstrated sufficiently by delivering specific evidence.

As from
1 March 2014, the UTQ portfolio has to contain several required components. These components are essential for a good UTQ assessment.

Click <here> for the entire list of all required components, per competence.

Before the UTQ portfolio can be submitted for assessment, the faculty educationalist will check whether it contains the required components and whether the competencies are demonstrated sufficiently . If this is the case, the portfolio can be submitted for assessment and the evaluation process will be initiated.

NB. For the UTQ assessment, the 3TU-UTQ competency profile of 2010 with corresponding assessment criteria will be used. Click <here> for the competency profile and assessment criteria.

If you are still using the old "Proeven van Bekwaamheid" (Proving Competency from DUIT, Didactic University of Twente Training Track, prior to 2010), we advise you to consult with your faculty educationalist for a tailor-made solution.