UTQ competences: additional information

Competence: 5 Evaluating teaching

COMP 5: developing a course evaluation plan in 10 steps

Author: Lisa Gommer, August 2010

STEP 1: What is the object of your evaluation?

Determine what the “piece of education” is that you want to evaluate. what contextual factors are influencing the object?

STEP 2: What is your goal for evaluating this object?

Are you evaluating to give account for the “piece of education” that is the object of your evaluation? is educational improvement your goal? or maybe both are?

STEP 3: What would you like to know about your evaluation object?

Phrase your main question or hypothesis: de single most important question you want to be able to answer by looking at your evaluation results. phrase this question as specific as possible.

in many cases, a combination of product and process evaluation is at hand. it is good however, to make a clear distinction between these two.

STEP 4: What are your evaluation questions?

The main question of the hypothesis can be divided into several sub questions in which one aspect of the course you are evaluation is addressed.

criteria phrasing evaluation questions:

-phrased as an interrogative sentence

-offering a choice from two or more realistic and specified alternatives

-aimed at aspects of education which can realistically be changed

-to be answered by using practical and feasible evaluation methods

-not aimed at aspects already set to be changed

STEP 5: How will you evaluate?

Determine the methods you will use to collect the information needed to answer your evaluation questions.

STEP 6: Who (or what) are your sources of information?

Determine what sources you will use for collection of your data. who will you interview / what will you observe, etc. (e.g. students, teachers, managers, support staff, alumni, etc.)

STEP 7: Who will carry out the evaluation?

Will you do this yourself as the course-teacher or will this be done by students or fellow-teachers? or is there an independent evaluation committee who will carry out the evaluation?

STEP 8: When (and how) will the evaluation take place?

Plan how you will carry out your evaluation (evaluation procedure).

STEP 9: What should the results of the evaluation look like?

In what format will you present the evaluation results and to whom?

STEP 10: What will you do with the evaluation results?

Who will take a decision based on the evaluation results? based on which criteria? (target values or quality indicators)
follow-up: who will specify actions for improvement? when and by whom will these actions be carried out?

After developing your course evaluation plan ...

§construction of evaluation instruments (questionnaires, interview format, analysis tool, etc.) based on the evaluation questions and the methods chosen (step 4 – 6).

§executing the evaluation according to plan (step 7 – 8) (CHECK)

§analysis of evaluation results

§drawing conclusions (based on previously set target aims)

§deliverance of evaluation report (step 9)

§decision about the actions to be made and planning of their execution (step 10) (ACT)

§preparation of next execution of the course (PLAN)

§execution of the course in new / improved format (DO)

§evaluation of the new / improved course (CHECK)

§etc …


-Course evaluation methods. http://reviewing.co.uk/evaluation/methods1.htm

-Evaluation cookbook online: http://www.icbl.hw.ac.uk/ltdi/cookbook/contents.html