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Accreditation in a nut shell
This note is about accreditation in Higher Education: what is it, why do we have it, how does it work, and the development of the Dutch accreditation system as it develops over the years.

How to write a 15pp SAR

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Quality Assurance of E-learing

Workshop report by the ENQA. This report gives a general overview of the matters discussed within the sector of quality assurance in E-learning. The workshop was held in October 2009.

Standards and guidelines for quality assurance in the European Higher Education Area (ESG)

Revisited version of the ESG, reflecting a consensus among all the organisations involved on how to take forward quality assurance in the European Higher Education Area

Frameworks for the Assessment of Quality in Internationalisation
The frameworks in this document provide a methodology for the assessment of internationalisation

Kamerbrief Accreditatie op maat (in Dutch)
Over de doorontwikkeling van accreditatie in het hoger onderwijs

Kwaliteit in het hoger onderwijs (in Dutch)
Advies van de Onderwijsraad aan de minister, om de kwaliteit van het hoger onderwijs te verbeteren

Deconstructing quality culture

Paper by Lee Harvey, raising fundamental questions about existing 'models' and preconceptions about the value of quality cultures

Assessment frameworks for the higher education accreditation system of the Netherlands

Frameworks written by the NVAO

NVAO guidelines for the assessment of final projects during external assessments

These guidelines comprise several instructions to ensure that the panels conduct this assessment in a consistent and thorough manner. At the same time, the instructions are intended to leave sufficient space for the panels to adapt their assessment to the features of the programme