How to facilitate final projects and internships knowing that labs have limited capacity and organizations offering internships must comply with the 1.5m measure?


  • Investigate whether final qualifications offer room for adapting the learning objectives of the internship or graduation project so that more flexibility and other options can be offered to the student.
  • Investigate whether the internship or graduation project can be replaced by an internal (research, modelling or simulation) project.
  • In the case of a suspended internship or graduation thesis assignment, award credits for the work/part and research already done if the remainder can be filled in in another way.
  • Change the order of internship and graduation project so that the student may be able to find a place at an internship provider more easily later on. Then the student can now carry out the thesis within the UT.
  • In case of critical or urgent research file a request via the “leerstoelhouder” for the use of lab space.
Dealing with final projects Q3/Q4 2019-2020

Due to the corona-measures, lab facilities cannot fully be used at the moment. This poses challenges for (some of) the Bachelor’s and Master’s theses. Solutions to deal with this problem differ per study programme or even per project.


  • In case the project has a practical component: see whether it can be reformulated into modelling/simulation projects.
  • Is it possible to move the final project to quartile 1? It is investigated whether the ‘harde knip’ rules (Bachelor/Master separation) can be relaxed so that students can already do some master courses in Q4 and do their final Bachelor Project in Q1 of 2020-2021. The possibilities for students can be read here.  

If a final BSc or MSc project can’t be replaced with an option above mentioned, please contact the chair holder to see if it’s possible to allow lab access exceptionally. 

Internships during Covid19-crisis 2019-2020

Students that follow internships at externa companies are subject to that companies regulations regarding the COVID-19 outbreak (which are of course in line with the national RIVM regulations). This could mean that internships cannot take place or in a different way. Therefore, no general agreements can be made on how to deal with internships.


  • [For students that had to abort] Consider whether it is possible to award (part of the) credits for the work students were able to do before they had to abort from their internship.
  • [For students that have to start] Consider whether switching the final project with the internship would offer a solution
  • [For students can’t find an internship] Consider offering extra courses/assignments that will still allows students to meet the final qualifications.