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Team-based Learning


TBL is an active and collaborative instructional strategy that is learner-centered and instructor-directed. Students are responsible for their own preparation before class and for their involvement during class. Also, they are required to apply their knowledge in solving authentic problems. As a result, the contact hours can be used for deep learning: instead of passively listening to the teacher, there is room for discussion and applying knowledge.

Advantages of TBL: 

  • TBL has proven effectiveness in small and large (student) groups
  • Within TBL, only one instructor is needed (to guide the process)
  • Within TBL, students learn to work together in a team
  • TBL is a versatile instructional strategy
  • The TBL multiple choice tests quickly provide the teacher with information about the learning obstacles of students, so he knows which subjects to emphasize on
  • TBL stimulates peer learning among students, by its interactivity
  • Within TBL, students learn to apply their knowledge

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