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Inspirational Lunch Teaching Community

We invite you for an inspiration lunch  June 28th  from 12.30-13.45 (walk in 12.30) in INFORM in Design Lab. 

Learning analytics is about measuring, collecting, analyzing, and reporting data about students and the learning context, to understand and improve student learning and the context in which they learn[1]. For this UT Teaching community lunch meeting S&P, AID-E and the UT Teaching community coordinators work together to identify different target groups’ questions, needs and ideas in this area, and engage in a discussion about opportunities to employ learning analytics to improve outcomes for students.

After an introduction about the potential benefits, questions and issues, participants will have the opportunity to give input about their needs regarding data systems at the UT. Moreover, participants will have the opportunity to discuss ideas and explore opportunities to apply learning analytics in their own context. Those interested will have the opportunity to respond to a call about a professional learning community on this theme to start working on this idea after the summer[2].

[1] https://www.versnellingsplan.nl/Kennisbank/proeftuinen-voor-professionalisering/proeftuin-learning-analytics/

[2] Co-funded by the Centre for Engineering Education.


These lunches are organized by the Recognizing & Rewarding Teaching Action Group ‘UT Teaching community’ . The Teaching Community is set up to help UT teachers connect, contribute to coherence in the range of teaching innovation initiatives, and support further evidence-informed innovation.

The 4TU.Centre for Engineering Innovation is committed to help develop this idea further in collaboration with CELT. We will start with offering inspirational lunch meetings on teaching themes. In these lunch meetings, we aim to support sharing ideas, experiences, and inspiration. Teachers who are inspired to work together on a teaching innovation idea, are welcome to apply for an innovation project to support them with this. There is room for 3-4 projects per year, co-funded by 4TU.CEE.

We are very much looking forward to seeing you at the lunch meetings.