Flipped Classroom

An instructional strategy to get more interaction in your classroom, or to let students learn materials into depth is called 'flipping the classroom'. In this Teaching Topic a teacher of our University is telling about his experiences. In addition, the results of a pilot, literature and diverse tips and examples of 'flipping your classroom' are presented. 


Lunch & learn 'Flipped classroom'

On 21 September a Lunch & Learn about flipping the classroom was organised. A diverse group of people with different backgrounds and jobs here at our University was present. Henk told us how this idea of 'flipping the classroom' started. It was not because he wanted to do something innovative, but because he was not enthusiastic any more as a teacher, lecturing the same basic knowledge over and over again. He showed us his framework for organizing the course content: the key terms (what do students really need to know?), the learning objectives, reading materials, videos (microlectures) and assignments. A great lesson we learned from this Lunch & Learn is that as a teacher you have to make a mindshift, and think critically which knowledge/skills you want to transfer to students before you start to change your way of teaching.

Do you want to brainstorm or discuss options to flip your classroom?

Please contact your educational advisor of your faculty or contact TELT.