Target group SUTQ 

SUTQ is aiming at experienced teachers:

…with the curiosity and ambition to improve/innovate the/their education;
…who have innovative ideas about their own and/or the UT education;
…who are (or want to be) an example for their fellow teachers;
…pursuing a teaching career besides a research career.

Teachers opt for a SUTQ because...

  • They want to answer a relevant educational question regarding the (own) education and therefore are searching for the necessary support;
  • They want to improve their own education/innovation;
  • They get the opportunity to acquire and obtain recognition of special educational knowledge/experience.

Conditions for participation

  • Start condition for participating in a SUTQ is a completed UTQ or an UTQ exemption.
  • Participation in the SUTQ is on teacher’s own initiative, but also in consultation with the program director.  
  • The SUTQ content/case should contribute to the improvement of education within the university and/or own education.
  • Knowledge dissemination is an essential aspect of the SUTQ.  
  • The starting point of the SUTQ is a development question, not a certification question. This means SUTQ exemptions will not be provided.