HR policy

SUTQ in relation to other initiatives on Teaching Excellence

The University of Twente educates the professionals of tomorrow. To be able to provide a high standard of education, the UT emphasize the importance of highly skilled teaching staff. We stimulate teaching excellence by implementing a wide range of activities. The figure below shows some of the recent UT activities that contribute to our high level of teaching excellence. The SUTQ is part of a broad set of coherent initiatives.

SUTQ in relation to HR policy

Between 2012 and 2015, Dutch government and Dutch Universities successfully putted effort in establishing the UTQ (University Teaching qualification) and thereby an National threshold level of Teaching Quality. As a result of this, the UTQ is embedded strongly in our HR policy.

Embedding the SUTQ in HR policy is an important next step that is being addressed in the near future. Some assumptions are yet agreed on, such as:

  • SUTQ is not mandatory (in contrast to the UTQ, which is mandatory).
  • The embedding of the SUTQ will be part of the running projects on defining criteria to evaluate teaching achievements. Teaching staff as well as Senior Management of the UT is closely involved in formulating policy principles on the SUTQ.
  • More information on the embedding of the SUTQ will be available at Q1 2017.