Education question

The education question is the starting point of teachers’ SUTQ.

During a period the participant works at an (complex) education question which lies within the (own) education practice. The topic of the education question can derived from teacher’s own practice, but can also concerns a joint experienced bottleneck in the education program.

The director of the educational program also can invite the participant to examine a certain education question.

Participating in the SUTQ requires agreement between educational director and participant considering the topic of the education question.

The education question can be found within one or more topic areas:

  1. Pedagogical expertise in the education
  2. Execution of education and - improvement/innovation in the own education
  3. Development of education/- innovation which transcends the own education practice.

Below you find some examples of concrete SUTQ education questions:

  • How do I stimulate an active study attitude (from the outset)?
  • How do I implement ICT to make my education more effective?
  • How can I arrange my education more student-driven?
  • How can I design a good multidisciplinary module for more education programs?
  • How do I implement the assessment to enlarge the learning results?
  • How do I manifest the “international classroom” in my education?