"A Taste of English": lunch meetings of the TCP

Many people have good general English communication skills but want to practice speaking in an informal setting. Therefore the TCP has started lunch meetings under the name “A taste of English”.

Where and when is this held?

Every Thursday 12:30 - 13:15 in the Theatre Cafe.  You'll find us at a table under the big British flag :)  It was important to us to have a public place where everybody felt welcome.


What do you expect of the lunch meetings?

There was demand for a sort of 'conversation club' after some of the English courses.  Many people have good general English communication skills but want to practise speaking in an informal setting. 


Who is the target group?

Everyone is welcome.  It is for anybody that wants to practise or just enjoy speaking English, i.e students of employees of the UT.


Will you correct mistakes?

Yes, but in a polite friendly way, usually by simply by repeating the sentence correctly or using the correct English during the conversation.


Do you want to speak about specific topics, or is this more of a friendly get-together?

Usually a conversation topic easily evolves from current events.


Who (of TCP) takes part?

There are usually a few English teachers from the TCP present; it changes each week depending on what people are doing.


Whom can we turn to for more questions?

Simply turn up, Thursdays in the theatre Cafe at 12:30. Although, any of the English speakers at the TCP can answer your questions, i.e. Julie Bytheway, Froukje van Veggel, Phing Choo or Sabien van Harten.