UTQ-Pressure Cooker (intensive portfolio writing sessions)

Educational Service organises a series of UTQ-Pressure Cookers. These Pressure Cookers are specifically organised for experienced teachers in the UTQ course, with the final goal to make the portfolio ready for the assessment.

During the UTQ-Pressure Cooker the teachers will work intensively under the guidance of the UTQ-coaches for three days. A Pressure Cooker exits of three days within one week. The sessions will be very practise oriented; the focus is on filling and writing the UTQ- portfolio in a most efficient manner. During every session there will be a short introduction on the concerning competences, there is room for questions, but most important: there is time to write! See the programme below.
Next to instruction and writing time, the participants will receive immediate feedback on their work, given by the coaches that are present.

To be able to participate in the pressure cooker, it is necessary to collect evidence and place it in the UTQ-environment of the Blackboard UTQ portfolio site (see the checklist, appendix 1). These portfolio sites are produces for every BKO participant.

In the following months Educational Service offers multiple series, see the dates below. The participants enrol in one of the series. Because of the intensive characteristic of the sessions there is a maximum of participants: max. 12 teachers per series.

Basic principle of the Pressure Cooker:

-When the time during the sessions is used efficiently and the participant has collected all of the evidence (see checklist) at the start of the series, it is do-able to fill the portfolio completely and hand it in for assessment.

-During the series, you will do the work; focus is on writing. The Pressure Cooker is not a course.

-Participating and the effort you put in to it is your own responsibility. When you are not able to participate on one of the days in the series, no guarantee can be given that it is possible to finish the portfolio within the week.

-Prior to the series you will need to collect the evidence and place it in the Blackboard portfolio site (see appendix 1: Pressure Cooker checklist).

-After writing and handing in parts of your portfolio, you will receive immediate feedback on your work.

-The assessment interview is not part of the Pressure Cooker.

Conditions for participation:

-Enrol at least 2 weeks prior to the start of the series of the Pressure Cooker.

-Submit all of the evidence needed (see checklist) in Blackboard at least one week before the start.

-Bring your own laptop to the meetings.

Contact person: Charlotte Oude Alink: c.oudealink@utwente.nl (tel: 489 6430)