Consultancy, coaching and services

Consultancy, coaching and services – What we can do for you
Teachers, students/phd’s with teaching tasks and departments can address CELT for individual advice, coaching or services. We offer consultations and services around a variety of teaching and learning issues. Whether you are a program director and need advice for a major curriculum improvement or you are a beginning teacher and want to discuss a plan for new assignments for your next lesson, you are all invited to contact us. In consultation with you, we study and discuss your questions and needs and provide tailor made support.

At CELT we have general educational professionals as well as specialist for specific educational themes and concerns, like for instance for testing & assessment, project skills, curriculum design or the use of ICT tools in an educational setting.

Who can you turn to?

For personal support or advice you may contact the educational professional / contact person working for your faculty, see –Who we are- for the names and address. They know the context of your teaching activities.

Don’t hesitate to contact us with any question or problem you may have. We love to help and inspire you. If it only takes a few hours, no extra costs are involved.