CELT: Centre of Expertise in Learning and Teaching

Course Schedule Academic Year 2017 - 2018


UTQ Courses

Course 1 Designing a lesson and a course

16,23,30 Jan 

 5,12,19 June 

Course 2a Practical teaching skills

1,8,15 Feb

11,18,25 April 

6,13,20 June

Course 2b Supervising students 

20,27 Feb

17,24 April

26 June & 3 July 

Course 3 Testing and assessment

8,15,22 March 

14,21,28 June


Course 4 Quality assurance and course evaluation

20 March 

5 July 

Pedagogical Skills for PhD candidates

Taste of Teaching bootcamp 

26,27,28 March

2,3,4 July


Effective teaching:

How to activate students

9 April 

Performance Skills: how to lecture with impact

12 April 

Policy of education and course coordination

13 March

27 June

Storytelling: how to make your lessons stick

30 May 

With the brain in mind: How to stimulate the learning brain

17,24 May 

How to teach in an international classroom

23,30 May 

Voice training

13 Feb 

Twents Onderwijs Model:

Orientation on UT Bachelor Education

5 February  

 26 March 

 7 May 

How to design & implement a project

31 May 

How to (re)design & coordinate your module

21,28 March

Technology enhanced learning and teaching:

How to blend your education - tools & trends

6 March 

How to create an instructional video (basics)

16 April

On demand

We offer the following workshops on demand.
Please contact us if you are interested: celt-ces@utwente.nl 

Other possibilities 
The University of Twente has developed a wide range of training options, both for academics and support staff. Check the Centre for Training and Development (CTD) for more information: www.utwente.nl/ctd