CORONA support

In the context of the Corona situation, relevant information for teachers is offered on various websites. Below you will find an overview of the relevant websites (and the links) and the type of information they offer.

CELT/TELT websites for teachers

Kind of information

Remote Education for teaching Staff

Central regulations and information regarding remote education by the UT Corona Commission for Education (CCOw). Also guidelines and ways to deal with e.g. internship, practicals, scheduling, theses.  

TELT – Online Teaching

Tools and tips for online pedagogy & online teaching.

TELT – Remote Assessment

Tools and tips for remote assessment.

CELT - Toolboxes

Toolboxes for teachers. NB. Most of these toolboxes were constructed before the Corona crisis. They provide general information on various educational topics and connect to the UTQ courses and competences.

The following websites are for a broader or more specific target group, but may also offer informative content for teachers: