What is E-coaching?

E-coaching is a way of coaching supported with digital mobile devices. You’ll work in a secure digital environment. There will be no face to face contact with the (career)coach. Career coach and student (or PhD’er) will not communicate at the same time or same place. Contact will be through written communication and is relatively ‘flexible’. This because you can answer or work at exercises in your ‘own time’ at your ‘own place’ when able to use digital devices.

When to choose E-coaching?

It's perfect for busy students, or students who like reflection time during contact sessions as well as for students who live far from campus because of an internship or students abroad. When you do not want to wait with your (career)coach question you can start from a distance with the help of E-coaching.

E-coaching gives you the opportunity to look with a distance at your own story which helps reflecting a lot. The written method forces you to think well about your chosen words; do they reflect your thoughts and emotions? You have time to read, rethink your written text and rewrite or fill in when you feel like it, before sending it.

All this is possible in your own time at your own place. You will agree with your coach on a periode within to react to guide the process.

  • Are you able to express yourself in writing?
  • Do you have insufficient time or are you not able to visit our office for face to face coaching?
  • Do you still want to start a career coach session?

In that case E-coaching might be a suitable option.

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