Wikke Novalia

Wikke Novalia spent her traineeship working on various projects related to drinking water technology at Witteveen+Bos. For example, she put together a booklet on smart, small-scale water purification methods to be circulated worldwide by NGOs. "Above all, this traineeship taught me to apply the knowledge I have gained while studying at Saxion practically. All the projects I worked on were to be implemented in real-life situations, so I was confronted with the same problems that you face in practice. Also, it helped me to improve my time management skills and set priorities in my work. Within the Saxion Connect programme, I found the courses in communication skills and intercultural skills especially beneficial - it is important to learn how to communicate with Dutch people, and I picked up some useful tips. And, even better, I could immediately put what I had learnt into practice at work."

Peter Hiemstra, Senior Advisor Drinking Water at Witteveen+Bos

"Whilst it was a definite bonus for our company that Wikke comes from Indonesia - we have an office there, and do a lot of work with developing countries - her level of knowledge and expertise was even more important. We are particularly pleased with the booklet about small-scale drinking water purification methods, much of which Wikke wrote herself. We would have really liked Wikke to remain with our company going forward, but she is very talented and deserves the chance to develop to her full potential and to fulfil her ambitions - which is why we strongly advised her to apply for a Huygens scholarship. But we will definitely stay in touch with her, and we hope that she will re-join the company when she has completed her Masters."