Nonny Molentha, trainee

I’m involved in innovative research projects which take place on research location Noordbergum in Friesland. I’m part of the project group that is researching on relatively new methods or alternatives for hydraulic cleaning of spiral wound membrane technology. I found it very interesting, yet challenging, because there is always something new to learn, and I’ve always been interested in water treatment technology. During my traineeship, I learnt a lot on the methods and technologies for water production and water research. I also learnt to work independently, be more efficient, and to apply my theoretical knowledge on a real work field. It was also useful to learn more about the Dutch culture and way of life. I found that all of the training sessions organized by Saxion Connect were very useful: the content, the methods, the facilitators were excellent.

Bas Rietman, expert water treatment

Nonny is working on a project for the hydraulic cleaning of spiral wound membrane technology. The project is in the design phase, and still has to be implemented. Therefore she has mainly focused on desk research on the technology. She has also worked on a different project. We are planning to offer her an extension of her contract of a year. We are most satisfied with her work. She has a good work attitude and is a fast learner. Her curiosity and enthusiasm make her a pleasant colleague.