Heng Li, trainee

Connect introduced me at Siemens, without their help it would have been difficult to find a job in The Netherlands. I think my most important added value for the company is my previous work experience in supply chain management, and running my own company. At Siemens I gained much knowledge on gas turbines, one of its new products. And I improved my communication skills, especially by working together with my colleagues. The training sessions at Saxion where most inspiring, especially the ones on intercultural skills. They were most effective, we could apply the skills learned directly in our daily work. Apart from that, they gave us the opportunity to exchange experiences with fellow trainees.

Henri ter Maat – purchasing manager

Heng started working at our department doing analysis and testing on Make or Buy and process optimalization theories. After that she did suppliers research inChina , finding out what options would be available for us there. We recently extended her contract for the position of junior project procurement manager.

She’s smart, she has learned a lot and her remarks are always useful for our work. Her work pace is amazing, we can hardly keep up, and she’s very ambitious. There are challenges when working with someone fromChina ; there are cultural differences, and communication is not always easy. We noticed that it is most important to manage expectations, it turned out that we had different views regarding the traineeship. After we set that straight, things were easier. Heng’s added value is that she makes us look at our work with a different view, which gives openings for improvement. Besides that, sinceChina is an important target country regarding suppliers, having a Chinese worker on the team is a great asset.