Temona Diriyai

Trainee Temona Diriyai spent the period from November 2009 to March 2010 working at Rotor Elektromotoren in Eibergen on a particularly innovative project: the implementation of a 'smart system' for the remote monitoring of an electric motor. After completing his traineeship, Temona joined ASML in Veldhoven as a test engineer. "During my traineeship, I learnt the importance of preparation, as well as how to rationalise decisions and convince people. And maybe the most important thing of all - not to shy away from a challenge! I know now that I can accomplish a lot in a short space of time. Whilst we achieved everything we set out to achieve, I still work on the project in my spare time - I feel very involved with it, and it is a topic that really interests me. For me, the Saxion Connect traineeship represented a unique chance, and it definitely played a significant role in me being able to join ASML."

Herbert Weekhout, Managing Director of Rotor

"I enjoy working with young people, interns and trainees. They tend to approach challenges with an open mind, they are not afraid to ask unconventional questions and look at things from a new and refreshing perspective. It is important that they can work here on their own initiative, which Temona did, and the results of his project will really help us to further improve our product. Recent graduates, fresh from their studies, are equipped with the very latest knowledge - this is a great advantage for the company, and it was definitely the case when working with Temona."