Hervé Tsafack, trainee

RECEPS is a green company that intends to recycle EPS (Expanded Poly Styrene). This is a common waste material in packaging and home insulation. The founder of the company has licensed a new way of recycling EPS that is very efficient and useful, as it delivers new products that can in turn be used to manufacture a large number of useful items such as expanded beads, styrene, carpet, etc.

My job is to design, test and implement a range of electronic sensors ranging from pressure, temperature, level, infrared, density in order to control a compacting machine. Apart from working in my field, I have also obtained further knowledge in chemistry, mechanical engineering, production of polymer items, which is quite rewarding for my career.I have enjoyed the family atmosphere among workers and with the company owner that is not that usual in big companies.

The Connect training sessions have given me more knowledge on project management, which proves to be helpful regarding scheduling and planning. My future as an electronic engineer lies within RECEPS, my contract has been extended until mid 2012.

Jan van den Wittenboer, entrepreneur and founder RECEPS

Hervé is a highly appreciated colleague. He’s a hard worker, well skilled in his field of work (Electrical Engineering) and has a good sense of humour. He’s also broadening his horizon towards physics measurements, and in the near future he’ll act as coach for our new international intern. He’s very well integrated in Dutch society and speaks the language, he even reads legal documents and contracts without problems. Our company is planning to internationalize its activities, so Hervé’s language skills and international experience come in handy . I would definitely repeat the experience with a Connect trainee in the future. Having a colleague with a different cultural background broadens your view on the world, there’s a lot you can learn from each other.