Doris Wei, trainee

During my traineeship in the Financial Analysis Department (Group Business Control, Strategy and M&A) at Randstad Holding, I was mainly researching the competition landscape and global strategy in the professional segment. I was also involved in the macroeconomic analysis of developing markets including Asia Pacific and Latin America. It was a very intensive and significant experience for me to be working with experienced senior Randstad group controllers and trainees from different cultural backgrounds. I learned how to work in a stable and efficient way, how to solve problems in a limited time and how to create friendly and harmonious working environment. Moreover, my communication skills improved a lot. It is a very valuable and precious chance to work with talented people in a great company.

Nuno Almeida, head of M&A

Doris contributed to a strategic off-site of the strategy in the professional segment. She also performed the macroeconomic analysis of the developing markets.

Doris developed an analysis of the professional staffing markets in the United Kingdom, Japan, South America and APAC. This task required communication within Holding as well as analysis of significant amount of data. She was able to ask relevant questions and secured that the project was completed in the right way. Her market analysis became a valuable input for Randstad Holding controllers. This is a great achievement for a person who knew nothing about our industry four months ago.

We found Doris consistently of an added value, undertaking all assignments with enthusiasm. She makes sure that the result of her analysis is correct and does not have mistakes. During her time at Randstad Holding, Doris has consistently demonstrated a strong work ethic and a dedication to success of the final deliverables. She has significantly improved her communication skills and learnt a lot from working in the corporate environment. Doris is able to create a friendly and harmonious environment in the team. She is a good team player and would be a great asset to any organization.