Irene Zambrana

"My role at PowerPacker consists mainly of analysing the market situation. Since the company is currently in a period of growth and innovation, I am on the look-out for new opportunities and new markets for PowerPacker around the world. My research is focused mainly on the size of the market, the competitive landscape, the legal situation and potential partners. Based on these insights, the management can make well-informed decisions and draw up a strategic plan. For me, the most important lesson has been working in an interdisciplinary team. I am learning a lot about different countries all over the world, and I really enjoy exploring new potential markets, wherever they may be."

Gert Boers, Global Sales & Marketing Leader

"Two things in particular struck me about Irene. Firstly, her approach during the interview process was very impressive. At that time, her market research experience was mainly limited to consumer markets, whereas we operate in the B2B sector. Rather than shy away from this during the interview, she asked us to let her complete an assignment so that she could demonstrate that she could research B2B markets too. A week later, she handed us a very competent report. Secondly, she is a proactive person, and it is very refreshing to see that she lives up to her promises - no ifs and buts, no avoiding the issue, she just delivers the goods. The way in which she is able to get to the heart of the matter sets her apart from the rest. She is a star in desk and internet research, which is a huge asset to this company. She also has a great talent for interpreting data and presenting it in an appealing format. Her international background means that she has a global mindset, which is a good match with our company’s worldwide activities. I would definitely recommend other companies to take on an international trainee - you get the 'latest and greatest' in terms of knowledge, and it is very attractive in terms of the low cost, too."