Rizza Ardiyanti, trainee

It is wonderful to have an opportunity to work with the people and equipment that are leading in the innovation of water purification systems. I am working here as a pilot engineer. I have learnt a lot about how these installations work, and I am able to react faster if there is a problem with the installation. I can understand the process better by doing it than reading a theory, as we did when studying.

Form the workshops Saxion Connect offered, I found especially the one on multicultural skills very useful. It taught me how to communicate with people from different cultural backgrounds. Most of our projects take place abroad so I can confidently say that I can easily relate to clients from different cultures.

Mark Teggeler, senior pilot engineer

Rizza is working on different pilot projects on water purification through membrane filtration, in the role of pilot engineer. She is involved in the complete process: from application through monitoring, client support and writing the report. She took up her tasks en responsibilities very good from the start and communicates well with clients in various countries. She has also shown that she does well in writing reports.

Rizza will also be involved in executing a project in Israel. In this kind of work you need to be good at problem solving, you need to be flexible and be able to build a good relationship with the client. It’s a bit early to say how she will develop in those aspects, but the outset looks good. Her added value is definitely her fluency in English, this make the communication with our clients a lot easier.