Sameer Ahmed, trainee

It is extremely difficult to find a job in The Netherlands due to the fact that most international students do not speak the language. Connect has given me the opportunity to connect with organisations by using its extensive network.

As an international trainee for Argentum BV, I am working with one of their clients, De Lage Landen in Eindhoven. My role is to assist the supporting divisions (Facilities, IT and HR) to adapt to the Place2be concept (new way of working/flexible workplaces). My responsibility is to prepare a road map for the rollout of Place2be across all supporting processes.

Having worked in an un-evolved real estate market (Dubai, UAE) for 5 years, I have now learnt about how the discipline of Facility Management functions in a mature market like the Netherlands. Professionally, I have grown to understand in depth about Facility Management services and have developed a strategic view towards this discipline. This challenging role has helped me explore novel ideas and generate innovative solutions. Personally I have learnt the importance of being adaptable to change.

The Connect training sessions conditioned me towards the ‘Dutch mindset’ in a professional working environment. Moreover, the Dutch language course enabled me to overcome the language barrier in the workplace. Regarding my future plans: I am here to stay! My future plan is to develop my skills and career in the field of Facilities Management. I am looking forward to working and settling down in The Netherlands. Therefore I want to be closely associated with a dynamic (and friendly) organization such as-Argentum B.V.

Wessel van Soest, founder & partner Argentum BV

Sameer has been hired to build bridges between different divisions at De Lage Landen, one of our most important clients, in order to adapt and introduce Place2Be. Required skills are: helicopter view, long term vision, and being a good listener. Sameer has proven to be an intelligent, tenacious and ambitious worker, very well able to visualize problems. In The Netherlands we sometimes tend to discuss issues until we find a compromise, which can delay processes. With his different cultural background, Sameer sometimes brings this to our attention and helps us to be more proactive. Both within De Lage Landen and Argentum he is regarded as a genuine and valued professional, not just a trainee. Apart from his qualities, he’s an easy going person with a sense of humor.